Island Guide

November through June clear skies and bright days bring many people to the island. Christmas and New Year find a summit in occupancy and therefore costs soar. Tipping is welcomed (10% is considered allright) although not anticipated. Check to ensure gratuity is not included in your bill. The Caribbean type of dancing, particularly in nightclubs and pubs, is far removed from that in Europe and America. Do not be alarmed if you see party goers wining up into the wee small hours against each other and grinding. It is an offence for anybody, including kids, to dress in camouflage clothes. The print that was recognisable is reserved for the military in the island.

Signaling seems to be discretionary, while horn hooting is standard and may mean anything from “Hello checkmate” to “I am turning left and also you must get out of my way”.

There’s now no drink-drive limit, yet a motorist’s blood alcohol level is recorded in the scene of any major injury. As numerous vehicles drive without lights until after sundown take additional attention at twilight.

Taxis aren’t metered. Before getting into the car consistently negotiate a rate. As you leave Grantley Adams International Airport should you prefer to you, you will see a board with cab speeds to every parish can negotiate on these rates with the motorists that are expecting. The public transport system is comparatively straightforward. Routes go 1 of 2 manners (to or in the capital) along the three main routes on the island.

You can not swim on the east shore because the water is whipped up by the tempestuous Atlantic Ocean into a craze on a daily basis. Although seasoned surfers could be found driving the waves rip currents and waves make surfing rather dangerous as well as swimming. Beginner surfers should head all the way down to the south shore for a less strenuous ride.

There are not many critters that will cause you trouble on Barbados. If you are staying on the east or west shore (or investigating the island’s inside) watch out for centipedes. These creepy crawlies can give a nasty nip that might need treatment to you. It is unlikely it is possible to manage the hot sauce that is local. In case you want a fiery kick attempt the Bajan pepper sauce that’s offered as a condiment at most restaurants that are local and are available in all supermarkets. Also the corner streets and backyards appear to be very dirty as they throw a lot of food there, don’t think anyone there has ever heard about what a best garbage disposal is and what it can do.

Bear in mind the potency of the rum punch served from the other side of the isle may differ drastically. The ones that stew a more powerful hit is served up by their brew, so make sure to pace yourself when attempting someplace new for the sundowners. Politely refuse, there is nothing scary to keep clear of, the locals are business understanding and take chances to earn when they can.